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is Fangirl an accupation?
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trying to listen new music and get over dougie poynter.

Dougie Poynter being silly after performing..

Until then, we got nothing to say
And nothing to know
But something to drink
And maybe something to smoke. *heavy breathing*



— You have the worst sense of humor in the world. I think I’m the only one who laughs at you.

— That’s because I’m old! I’ve become that person.

— You have. You’re Dad now.

Anonymous asked: honey, do you know any harry fanfictions with good plots??

hmmm i normally read zayn and larry’s fanfictions but have you ever check nadine’s blog? she’s an amazing writer and theres lots of harry’s things there. 

Dougie Poynter


Ed Sheeran: CapitalFM Session.