Beatriz, 18, Brazil.

is Fangirl an accupation?

I actually go to uni and work as photographer.

and I like to Photoshop… a lot.

previously back-to-transylvania.

Since november 2010.

Daily updated.
Monday to wednesday i use the queue.
thursday to sunday i'm all yours

This blog is basically McFly, 1D and others bae’s.
Check out my tags to find what I post/reblog most.

Reading my infinity list of books my uni ask for, fanfictions and zayn malik’s smuts.

obsessed about larry stylinson.

trying to listen to new music and get over dougie poynter.
not happening since 2006.
Who We Are: Official Autobiography
❝10 years have gone by, in the blink of an eye. Time really seems to fly when you’re in McFly.❞  - McFly, the musical.

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zayn malik

one direction - zodiac signs-

harry styles

one direction - zodiac signs-

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By the hammer of Doug. +



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